Illegal Collection Activity:  Creditors and Collection Agencies have different rules they must follow when attempting to collect a debt.  Collection Agencies must  follow both federal law and Pennsylvania law.  Collection agencies cannot threaten you, or lie to you.  Some collection agencies are run by lawyers and those lawyers must also follow the rules of ethics for their state.  Collection Agencies cannot call you at work if you tell them you are not allowed to receive phone calls at work, they cannot threaten you or harass you or call you late at night.  If you feel you have been harassed by a collection agency you should speak with us about what remedies are available to you.

Consumer Protection:  The law protects consumers from businesses that overreach, engage in misrepresentations or outright fraud.  There are laws protecting consumers regarding the sale of certain items, like automobiles and real estate, and laws limiting the kinds of transactions that can occur in a consumer's home.  If you feel you have been taken advantage of by a business - whether that business is a large corporation or a sole proprietor - it is important to discuss the facts with a lawyer who can assist you in determining whether you have a remedy under Pennsylvania or Federal law.


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